Hi, there.  Welcome to Sono Factori.  We make Music For Media– that’s video games, television, film, radio, YouTube channels; even webcomics. Here’s what some of our clients have said:

“Peter is a wonderful composer and musician and can do amazing voices for animation as well. I’ve been working with Peter and his business partner in getting some of their wonderful animation scripts to screen. The music Peter writes is so beautiful and he’s a joy to work with. I have a long list of wonderful composers I work with, but when I’m asked for a recommendation – I have three that I always send first – Peter is one of the three. If you’re looking for a composer you would be lucky to have Peter on your team.”

-Tamara McDaniel, Phoenix Indie Filmmakers’ Group

“I’ve worked with Pete on a few occasions and each of them has been a joy. No matter what the task, Pete has been up to it and has produced work of incomparable quality. Originally Pete and I worked on a comedic animation, for which Pete did the score. Later I needed a dramatic soundtrack for a short film and Pete stepped up to the plate. …He produced music of the highest quality. I have had many people comment effusively since. If you need a soundtrack for your work, I cannot recommend anyone more highly than I do Pete Gresser.”

-Lucas Crandles, Dark Heart Productions

Here are some samples of our work:
Want to find out more? Shoot an email to Pete@SonoFactori.com for info.